About us

A company of promoters from different professional worlds, but sharing a common goal. At a dinner party, the idea was formed and evolved over time. A new project for the Portuguese real estate market. A partner that follows your real estate investment, that knows it well and can bring it into the market, presenting its unique characteristics and value proposition. 

We strive to manage your real estate project efficiently. By being goal-oriented and armed with technical expertise. By promoting it with materials specifically tailored to your particular case. By advertising it to potential investors through a variety of digital and face-to-face channels. We aim to close deals through specific in-person meetings or with a national and international "roadshow”, featuring it in small and dedicated events(presentations, lunches, functions).   

We believe that with a focused aim, our client's objectives can be efficiently achieved, thus successfully accomplishing the businesses entrusted to us. 

You can count on us!

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